How does the mobile app work for Clients / Trainers? [Apple iOS/Google Android]

The mobile app can be used by both trainers and clients on either an Apple iPhone (iPhone, iPad etc) or Google Android phone (Samsung Galaxy etc).

To download the app, go to the Apple App Store (iPhone) or Googleplay Store (Android) and search for Trainerize, then install the app. Once downloaded, you login with the same email and password you set up to access your account from the Trainerize web app.

What can a client do with the mobile app:

  • Clients can access the workouts that you have created and scheduled for them
  • Clients can start and track stats for the workout
  • Clients can see past stats for each exercise and set to see where to start
  • Clients can see the workout instructions and exercise targets you've input for them
  • Clients can launch the rest and interval timer
  • Clients can stream video to watch how the exercise needs to be performed
  • Clients can take progress photos
  • Clients can schedule in workouts and cardio
  • Clients can move scheduled workouts if needed
  • Clients can message their trainer
What can a trainer do with the mobile app:
  • Trainers can pull up a client profile, and do all the above features, as the trainer trains the client in-person (Ditch the clip board!)
  • Trainers can build workouts on the mobile app 


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