Ways to manage client training plan schedules

There are a couple different ways you can choose to deliver plans to your clients;

(Feel free to use your imagination for other ways, these are just two starting points for you!)

1) You can make clients a training plan and set up their calendar by placing workouts onto the days you want them completed, or

2) You can create a training plan and leave it up to your clients to schedule and track which days they do the workouts on.


*Note- If you want your clients to be able to pick and schedule their own workouts, you must have the setting 'clients-can schedule own workouts' enabled. To confirm you have this setting enabled, login to the webapp > settings (gear icon) > advanced business > permissions. If this setting is disabled, your client can only open and track the workouts they have scheduled each particular day. 

Here are the details on each method:

Option 1: Deliver a training plan *and* schedule workouts for clients on their calendar.

If you would like to schedule the workouts for your clients, click on their profile and "switch into" them. Go to their calendar and add workouts to the days you would like.

As they use the app at the gym, they simply tap on the scheduled workouts and start tracking them. 

(They also have the option to input their stats etc. after their workout is completed by signing into their Trainerize dashboard after their workout.)

*By setting up workouts on their calendar, it allows you the Trainer to see & be notified if they miss a workout. It provides a more accountable and track-able structure.


Option 2: Deliver a training plan, but let clients schedule their own calendar.

If you do not want to be that involved with which days they do which workouts on, you can simply provide workouts for them in their training plan, and leave the scheduling up to them. (They can still choose to drop workouts onto their calendar for organization and tracking if they wish.)

You can list any instructions for your clients in the "Training Plan Summary" and even more specific workout notes in the "workout instructions" on each workout.  

You could even order the days which you wish them to perform a certain workouts. 
Here's a rudimentary example:

Day 1 - Chest Workout

Day 2 - Legs Workout

Day 3 - Total body

Rest for 1 day in between workouts.

Within the app, the user will just look at the training plan and do the workouts in the recommended order. This allows some flexibility for clients to miss days and make it up on another day without notifying you. This method puts the onus on the client more to get things done.


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