Why can't a client purchase products when my coaching client seats are full?

We are currently working on a known issue regarding Unlimited Basic Clients and Trainerize Pay.

Please find the current known issues we've seen reported and the current status for each.

Issue Summary:

If a client attempts to purchase a product through a product link, and your coaching client list is at capacity– they will be directed to the below page. (see screenshot)

This issue can be avoided by keeping one coaching client seat free. (I.e. One less than your maximum coaching client capacity on your current plan)

Until this has been resolved we have compiled a workaround that will ensure you are able to continue to sell products to clients.


    • Please note: Though your coaching client list is full, you are still able to add unlimited basic clients by following these next steps.



If your client has attempted to purchase through a product link and is redirected: 

    1. Clients should add their Name and Email into the available text fields, and then hit the blue "Notify Me When Available" button. 

    2. Once the client has input their information, they will be added to your pending client list.

      (Clients tab > Pending tab) 


    3. After the client has been added to your pending client list, you can move them to your Basic Clients list by activating their profile and assigning their client type. 

      (Check the box next to the Client's name > Hit the "CHANGE TYPE" dropdown menu > Select Activate as Basic.) 


After a new client's profile has been activated, they will be sent a welcome email prompting them to set up their profile– once the client has completed their setup, you can manually sell them a product.


Manually selling a Product:

It is possible to manually sell a product to both new and existing clients with active profiles. 

  1. Clients Tab > Basic/CoachingTab (depending on the client type you are selling to)> Select the Client's Name to open their Client card


  2. On the Client card, Select the Sales Tab >  then Hit the Blue ADD SALE Button.



  3. This will prompt a pop-up where you can select the product you want to sell and select a Start Date > Hit the Blue SELL PRODUCT button > then hit the blue CONFIRM SALE button. 

    Screenshot_2023-05-17_at_14.08.37.png  Screenshot_2023-05-17_at_14.08.51.png 
  4. Once you have completed the above steps, the product you are selling will appear on the client's card and they will have access to the program or package you have applied to their account.


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