How to Cancel a Client's Product

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Canceling a Pending Product 

As long as your client hasn't yet paid for a product, you can cancel a pending purchase. Whether a client has changed their mind or you've selected the wrong product, you have the ability to cancel the payment invitation before it's been processed and paid for. Here's how:

  1. Under the Payments tab, click on Sales in the left navigation menu
  2. Click on the filter icon at the top right of the list
  3. Select Status > Pending to filter for only Pending products
  4. Click on the Pending product you wish to cancel
  5. Within the product details, click Cancel Purchase
  6. Confirm the cancellation by clicking Delete in the dialogue box that appears 



Canceling a Recurring Product

If your client has a recurring payment set up, you can cancel it before the next billing date as long as it hasn't yet been charged. Whether a client wants to change their payment date or switch to a different product, you can manage recurring products seamlessly. Here's how: 

  1. Navigate to the Clients tab and click on your client's name to open their profile card 
  2. Click on the Sales tab within the client's profile to view their payment history 
  3. Select the Product name that you wish to cancel
  4. Within the product details, click Cancel Purchase
  5. In the dialogue box that appears, choose from the following cancellation options:
    • Cancel at the end of billing cycle
    • Cancel immediately with a refund (enter amount)
    • Cancel immediately without refund
  6. Confirm the cancellation by clicking Cancel Subscription 



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