What is the difference between subscribing and copying a program to a client?


When you're done creating a program, the fun begins! You can now sell the program through Payments, assign the program to a client manually, use the program as a template to reuse etc. Before you do any of that though, you need to know the two ways that you can assign a program to a client. The two options are to either subscribe, or to copy the program. More details on both below.





What does this mean?
When you subscribe a client to a program, you are essentially connecting that client to that program. This means, that whenever you make a change to that master program, those changes will get pushed to all clients that are subscribed.


When does it make sense to subscribe?
This is a very useful tool when you are working with a larger number of clients or a "one size fits all" program where you will not be making custom edits for individual clients. In this case, you want to be able to make a change to the "master" and allow that change to reflect in all the profiles that are  "connected" or subscribed to that program. 


How to subscribe?
Click on the three dot menu to the right of the program name and then select Add subscribers.





What does this mean?
When you copy a program to a client's profile, think of it the same way as when you copy and paste text on a device. If you were to copy a paragraph from a website and then paste it into a document of your own, any changes you make to that paragraph do not change the original website. This is how the copy features works in ABC Trainerize. You're taking a copy of the original "template" and pasting it into your client's profile, which creates a unique, standalone version of that program.


When does it make sense to copy?
If you work with a similar client type, or have established a unique niche for yourself, then it makes sense to have "templates" of a few different programs that you can then make a copy of and then then make custom edits to. This is much more efficient than starting from scratch each time. This is a feature that comes in handy for trainers that sell programs that are fully customized. 


How to copy?
Select the three dot menu to the right of the program name and click Copy to > Client's Program.







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