Multiple Programming in ABC Trainerize

Whether you want to assign multiple programs to a client, share a library of on-demand workouts for clients to pick and choose to do anywhere, anytime, or create and sell a variety of new memberships and products–you now can! This programming experience will allow you to sell and deliver multiple programs at a time to clients and give access to on-demand programs and libraries in a more seamless way inside the app. 


How-to-video: Set up your client's calendars with multiple programs  




Here are the two key changes to be aware of:




Can create one type of program:

Phased training program

Can create two types of programs:

1. Phased training program

2. On-demand Workout Library
3. On-demand Video Workout Library 





Only ONE program is assigned to a client at one time. 

MULTIPLE programs can be assigned to a client at any given time!


How to get started:

To begin, you’ll want to learn more about the two types of programs you can create so you can make an informed decision when you go to build a new program. As we mentioned above, the two types of Programs you can build are either Phased or On-demand. Click on the respective links to learn more about each. 


When it comes to assigning the Program(s) you’ve just built to a client, there are a few things you need to know! Programs, once in a client’s profile will come with a label (Main, Client Custom or Add-on). There are some differences between each that you’ll want to be aware of (more on that here).


Moreover, each time you assign a program to a client, you will have the choice to either add them as a subscriber or copy to a client’s program. There is a key differentiator between subscribing or copying a program, which you can find here. 


Now that the program(s) are assigned to your client’s profile, you’ll want to make sure their calendars are filled out correctly! You may have already filled out the calendar as a part of the program, but to set up or further customize a client’s individual calendar, follow the steps outlined in this article. Remember, these program calendars stack up just like the programs themselves do. A quick refresher on stackable calendars here.


Once your programs are built out, the possibilities are endless! Sell your programs through ABC  Trainerize Payments using our various product types. 





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