Beta Testing - Where and How to Get Started


Here at Trainerize, we will often release new features in the late stage of development to an open beta test. Opting in to the open beta is a great way to help our team with the final stages of testing before a feature is released, but also gives you early access to try some of our exciting new features before their final release!


How to Enable Open Beta for your Account:

Any feature that is currently in open beta can be turned on under: Add-ons > Integrations > Beta. Under the Beta section, each feature will be listed with a name, description and an Enable button. Clicking Enable will give you access to that features for your account. 


Please note: You do need to be the account owner to enable any open beta feature.

Keep in mind, although built out and tested extensively, open beta features often go through further changes in the stages before the public release date. For this reason, some features may not work as intended and certain logic may change before the final release. 







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