How can clients connect Garmin to Trainerize?

The Garmin connection to Trainerize requires you to have a Garmin account. The authentication uses the login credentials of your Garmin account to authorize the connection to Trainerize. 


Please note: Only clients can connect their Garmin accounts to Trainerize. Trainers can then view the data pulled in from client Garmin accounts. 


Information from a Client's Garmin account including activities, daily caloric burn, steps, sleep, resting heart rate, body, weight, and body fat percentage will be synced to Trainerize. Learn more about what syncs here.

1. On the mobile app, clients need to navigate to the More tab at the bottom right, select Garmin and then tap Connect to log in to their Garmin account.



2. Be sure to allow Activities and Daily Health Stats the select the Agree button to move forward with the connection.



3. Once the connection has been made, it might take a few minutes for the Garmin data to start syncing to the Trainerize app.

  • Clients will see a Syncing in background message similar to the screenshot below.
    • Keep in mind, that the initial sync will be bringing in 2 weeks of information and might take longer. Once it is completed, syncs should appear in the app within a few minutes.




What information can I see as a trainer?

Once the sync is complete, the information will be displayed in a few locations within the account:

  • Client Calendar

  • Client Dashboard

  • Progress Tiles on the Client Dashboard (Steps, Sleep, Body Weight, Body Fat, Resting Heart Rate, Caloric Burn)

  • Progress graphs (Steps, Sleep, Body Weight, Body Fat, Resting Heart Rate, Caloric Burn)


Trainers will also start seeing the Clients' Activities in the Recent Activities feed and when switching into the client view.






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