What syncs over from the Garmin Integration?

Wearable devices and health trackers are beneficial tools trainers and coaches can use to guide their clients toward building healthy habits and making health and wellness a core part of their daily lives. 


When a Garmin account is connected to Trainerize, any time a client records certain measurements or activities on their Garmin smartwatch or tracker, the following data will sync directly into their Trainerize account. The list below shows what the data is called in the Garmin Connect app on the left and what it shows up as in the Trainerize app on the right.


  • Sleep → Sleep
  • Activities → Cardio Activities
  • Weight → Body Weight
  • Calories → Caloric Burn
  • Steps → Steps
  • Heart Rate → Resting Heart Rate
  • Body Fat → Body Fat


This new data is instantly visible on their Trainerize client dashboard in the relevant sections.



The Garmin integration also permits cardio activities performed to be synced over to the mobile app. These include both performance-based activities and time-based activities.

For example, if a client syncs over the cardio activity of running from the Garmin watch to the mobile app, it will pull over the duration, distance, average speed (calculated by Trainerize), average pace (calculated by Trainerize), maximum speed, active calories, maximum heart rate, and average heart rate




Note: In Trainerize, these activities may be edited, moved, or deleted same as the original Trainerize activities. If an activity is deleted in Garmin, that won't have an impact on the imported activities in Trainerize. Garmin does not support editing of body stats at their end. 


Once the sync is complete, the information will be displayed in a few locations within the account:

  • Client Calendar

  • Client Dashboard

  • Progress Tiles on the Client Dashboard (Steps, Sleep, Bodyweight, Body Fat, Resting Heart Rate, Active Calories burnt)

  • Progress graphs (Steps, Sleep, Bodyweight, Body Fat, Resting Heart Rate, Active Calories burnt)

Trainers will also start seeing clients' body stats and activities performed in the Recent Activities feed on the web and mobile app. 




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