Workout Duration for Regular and Circuit Workouts



All workouts have their duration displayed in the preview and in the workout list (program). This is visible to clients and trainers. The article will go over Regular and Circuit workouts. More on Interval Workouts here.


Regular/Circuit workout duration is estimated in the following way:

  • Inline rest and regular rest blocks are included in the exercise duration to get the total workout duration
  • Time targets are also incorporated into the exercise duration
  • It the time target is not selected for an exercise, an estimate duration of 1 minute will be added to the workout duration total
  • The number of rounds or sets affects the total workout duration
  • If the workout duration is e.g. 2m 45s long, it will be rounded down to 2 minutes, as shown in the screenshot below.




Building a Regular Workout

When creating a workout, each exercise will come with the choice of "time" or "text" under the Target section. If you select time, you will be prompted with time options. If you select "text" an estimate of one minute will be added to the total workout duration. 







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