How can clients filter their program workouts?


Clients can see exactly how long it takes to complete a workout and what equipment is needed by simply tapping on the filters in their Program!

Clients can filter workouts by duration as well as equipment. Only one duration can be selected at a time, however, multiple equipment filters can be selected. For example, a client may want to find a workout that includes both dumbbells and mini bands, in which case, they would select both.

Filters are perfect for 
helping clients feel confident they have enough time and the right equipment ready to crush their workout!



In this example, the client is filtering by "25 minutes" and "Dumbbells" to produce three workouts from their total list: 


1. Under the Programs tab, tap on the Filter button at the top right of the screen.




2. Select the filters of your choice. In this case, they are "25 minutes" and "Dumbbell"




3. Once the filters have been applied, the workout list will refresh and clients can select the workout they wish to complete. 






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