What does "Currency or country mismatch error" mean in Stripe Integrated Payments?


If you see an error indicating you have a currency or country mismatch, you will need to fix this to ensure your Trainerize Integrated Payments is properly set up. Otherwise, your integrated payments will be paused, and you will be unable to accept payments and make deposits into your bank account. 


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Match the country and currency in Stripe Integrated Payments within Trainerize

The country and currency you choose in Trainerize Integrated Payments has to match the currency and country you choose during the Stripe set-up process. 


  • In the initial set up for Trainerize Integrated Payments, you set your country and currency preferences.Screen_Shot_2020-12-18_at_09.25.28.png


  • During the Stripe set-up process, you needed to have selected the same country.  Screen_Shot_2020-12-18_at_09.27.08_2.png


  • During the Stripe set-up process, you needed to have selected the same currency. Screen_Shot_2020-12-18_at_09.28.09_2.png


Fixing the currency or country mismatch error

If you chose a different country or currency than the one chosen in Trainerize Integrated Payments


1. You chose a different country

If you decide to choose a different country during Stripe onboarding than the one chosen during your setup for Trainerize Integrated Payments, your Trainerize Integrated Payments will be paused.

Depending on the country, you might not be able to edit it later in Stripe settings. Our team can help you with resetting your Trainerize Integrated Payments set up, but all your Payments information will be cleared in that process. If you need assistance, please contact help@trainerize.com

2. You chose a different currency 

If you decide to change the currency, your Trainerize Integrated Payments will be paused until you resolve this issue. All recurring transactions you had set up will start failing.




Resolve currency mismatch

You can resolve the currency mismatch in your Stripe settings by adding a new bank account on the Payout settings. Make sure that it accepts the correct currency and then switch your account's default currency to the correct one. 




For more details on how to add a bank account in Stripe, please visit this help article in Stripe or contact Stripe support.


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