How to manage e-signing of waivers and PAR-Q forms and documents with clients?

There are 2 ways in which you can manage the signing of agreements, waivers, and PAR-Q documents with your clients.


1. Invite them to e-sign by connecting a document signing tool to Trainerize with Zapier

In a matter of minutes you can connect Trainerize to HelloSign or other e-signing tool to enable digital signatures. Once a client gets added to your app, Zapier automatically triggers an email to them with the document to sign.


mceclip0.pngSet it up here:


2. Make your purchases include the agreement to the terms and conditions

On your website or email, include your PAR-Q publicly, and have the client agree to the terms and agreements before purchasing. It could be a box that people can check off.

Once they pay, you can send them the PDF waiver in the attachment as part of the Customized Welcome Email.




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