How to Integrate your Website with ABC Trainerize

Since clients use the mobile version of Trainerize (not the web), you want to use your website to advertise and sell your products and programs. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started:

Step 1: Purchase your custom domain. 

A custom domain is necessary as it serves as the online address where clients will go to search for your products and services. You can purchase a custom domain from providers like GoDaddy.

Step 2: Build a website 

After purchasing your custom domain, you’ll need to build a website. Platforms like Wix or SquareSpace offer user-friendly tools to create beautiful websites.

Step 3: Set up Stripe Integrated Payments

Stripe Integrated Payments simplifies the process of selling your programs. You can attach the programs you build to products and then sell those products on your website. 

Step 4: Link your Products to your website and start selling! 

Copy your product links and add them to buttons on your website. Here's how to embed and promote your Stripe Integrated Payments products:

Once clients purchase a product, they will automatically be added as a client into your ABC Trainerize account and instructed to set up an account and download the app! From that point on, clients will only use the mobile app. 

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