Business-level Automated Messages and Events

This section allows you to streamline physical PARQ/waiver forms, automatically engage your clients on important events and reinforce client use of your service to increase retention and referrals. It allows you to customize 

This article shows you:


Customizing what happens when you add a client



Preview Invitation Email

The first message a client receives when they are added is the "Invitation E-mail". This is just a preview and is not customizable.  This is to ensure maximum setup/open rates as it is most important that your clients to setup their password and download the mobile app to further engage with you.

You can preview the message by clicking on the "View sample" text.


Turn on/off Welcome Email

This is the first customizable automated message. This message is optional as you can either turn this "On" or "Off" by way of the button to the right. By default it is "Off".


Customize text of Welcome Email

  • Click "Customize text" (envelope icon)
  • A dialogue box will appear
  • Customize the Subject Line
  • Customize the Body of the email
  • You can insert "Auto-Fields" by clicking on "First Name" and/or "Last Name" to insert these into the body of your Welcome E-mail. You will see {firstName} or {lastName} when they are inserted. This will automatically insert your client's First and/or Last name into the body of the email where they are placed when the email is sent to a client.
  • Click "Save"

(Note: The Subject Line and Body of the email we provide can be fully customized. We suggest you read through it carefully to ensure that you make adjustments to fit your business process. This is example text.)


Add attachments to welcome e-mail

  • You can attach up to 4 PDF documents by dragging and dropping them on to the available slots. These attachments will be sent with the Welcome E-mail!
  • We have attached a generic PARQ for you to use in the first slot. If you wish to delete this PDF or any others - click on the "X" button of any file uploaded.


When client clicks your invite

You can automatically send your clients an E-Consultation Form to gather workout habits, experience and answers to other questions not covered in the PARQ form. From here you can either turn this "On" or "Off" by way of the button to the right. By default it is "On".

You can further customize the client consultation form.   



When clients get in-app messages


These are all auto-messages Trainerize sends in our messenger to ensure maximum engagement for your clients. The events are divided into the follow classes:

  • First 14 day sequence. Use this sequence of auto-messages to automatically check in on your clients and ensure they are all set-up, proactively address any questions or concern to ensure they renew with you after the first 14 days. In our experience, if you do not get your clients to setup and form a habit of interacting with you and your programming within the app within the first 2 weeks, the client is more likely to cancel your digital fitness service.
  • Important milestones. These are things like first workout, first meal synced over and birthdays. Use these to add that extra touch of personalized service to forge a better relationship with your client.
  • Training related. Notify your clients their training phase is starting, and that their training phase is ending and customized request to connect auto-messages for Fitbit or MyFitnesspal


What happens when a payment fails

When a credit card payment fails for example if your client's card got stolen and they invalidated it, or if they hit their credit limit, the system will reach out 3 times proactively to get them to rectify the situation before failing it out.

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