Measuring Client Progress

There are multiple ways to measure client progress in addition to the usual body measurements, photos etc. Each client has their own Progress tab that the trainer can refer to on the web and mobile but clients can also view their progress at any time through their accounts on the mobile app!


Mobile View - Client/Trainer


On the client's Dash tab, there are tiles under the My Progress section that lead to more information for each of the options as shown above.


Trainer View - Web

Selecting a client profile and opening their "Progress" tab will show all the available graphs and progress tracked for that client.




Progress Photos

  • Photos are automatically date stamped and saved in order from newest to oldest.
  • Each time you take progress photos, you will be prompted to take front, side and back photos.




This section expands and you can graph and measure the following client progress:

Body Weight
Body Fat
Lean Body Mass
Fat Mass
Resting Heart Rate
Blood Pressure





Body Measurements

This section expands and you can graph and measure the following client body measurements:

Left Bicep
Right Bicep
Left Forearm
Right Forearm
Left Thigh
Right Thigh
Left Calf
Right Calf



You can measure a variety of caliper stats:

View stats for a specific exercise in a graph. In the example below, the weight tracked for Lat Pull Down is shown over time. 






You can also analyze and monitor client progress based on each habit you assigned to them.


Weekly Compliance

If trainers schedule workouts in a client's calendar, then the workouts will count towards each week's compliance score. For example, if four workouts were scheduled, and a client completes two workouts that week, their score will be 50% for that week.



Review by Workout

- Select a workout and then select how many of them you want to see. View the stats side by side. 


Review by Month

- Select a month and then view all workouts tracked in that month. 

- Workouts can also be seen side by side. For example, if "Upper Body Push" was a workout that was tracked four times that month, you can see the stats for that workout in a row to compare the numbers easily. 





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