Measuring Client Engagement and Compliance

The first step on any client’s path to healthier habits—especially if they’re signed up for 100% online or hybrid training—is using their training app! After all, that’s where all the good stuff lives, like their training program, nutrition plan, groups, and messages with you.


To see how often clients are using the app and to get a real sense of how engaged they are in their personal fitness journey, trainers can quickly review their Client section with client metrics such as number of sign-ins per week and number of workouts logged per week as well as nutrition compliance.


You can find all metrics from the Clients page of your Trainerize web app. You will see a Summary tab as well as Exercise, Nutrition, Weight, Payment and Engagement.






View the number of sign-ins per week and the number of workouts per week for each client. 




Based on the number of workouts you scheduled, view workout compliance for each of your clients for the current week and the two previous weeks.



Nutrition Compliance

See your client's nutrition compliance for the previous two weeks as well as the current one. To the right you can also see the client's nutrition goal and their meal plan. 





To really get the most out of compliance scores, you need to know what they mean and how to use them.

It can be helpful to think of them as a barometer for how well matched a client’s training programs or nutrition plans are to their individual needs, wants, abilities, and existing habits.

Your goal is to find the sweet spot where your clients are being challenged enough that they’ll see progress, but not so much that they’ll become demotivated and pack it all in. Generally speaking that translates into a compliance score of 75-90%.

If your clients aren’t falling inside that range, it’s time to start tweaking their training programs or nutrition plans.


Compliance Score

Recommended Changes


Send in the reinforcements! This client is in dire straights.

Consider significantly reducing the number of scheduled workouts in this client’s program. Once they’re able to boost their compliance, you can consider bumping their scheduled workouts back up. If they’re already at the bare minimum for scheduled workouts, hop on a call with them, and start scheduling auto messages to give them some personalized attention.

If it’s nutrition they’re struggling with, maybe loosen up their calorie restrictions, or shift their macros to be a bit closer to their existing eating habits. As they slowly adjust their intake you can modify their nutrition goals later.


While they’re clearly trying, it looks like this client could use a helping hand sticking to their training.

If the client is struggling with either their workouts or their nutrition but is still showing effort at least some of the time, it might be time to bring out the “big guns” for accountability: weekly video calls to talk about their progress and challenges. This might require bumping the client to a different product (or price), but it could turn out to be exactly what’s needed to get them over the hump. Consider beefing up their program’s auto messages too for a double-whammy or personalized attention.


This client is headed in the right direction! Give them that extra nudge.

If the client just isn’t logging enough workouts, consider shaving one or two off their weekly schedule or look into rearranging the schedule. Talk to your client to find out what’s allowing them to log the workouts they do get in, and what’s stopping them from logging more. It might be as simple as switching a workout from Tuesdays to Thursdays.

When nutrition is the stumbling block, a conversation with the client is a great place to start. Chat with them about what’s keeping them from hitting their goal every day and make a plan to help them overcome those challenges.


Looks like your client is right in the sweet spot!

Keep them on track by sharing their progress and highlighting their personal bests or achievements. Sometimes, the greatest motivation for future success is celebrating past success.


Oh snap! Things are looking a little easy.

When a client is consistently near perfect for either their exercise compliance, it’s time to kick things up a notch and give them something a little more challenging. This likely means adding more scheduled workouts.

For nutrition, a perfect compliance score might not need any modifications unless their goals have also changed, so focus on keeping them in this range for as long as possible by celebrating past successes and offering occasional tips or reminders through auto messages—especially around holidays.

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