Custom Branded App: What's included?

Thinking about getting a Custom Branded App? Find out what's included and how the app will look to both trainers and clients.


Getting your Custom Branded App
Included in your Custom Branded App
     iOS vs Android 

Getting your Custom Branded App

The Custom Branded Fitness App is a great tool to help you connect with and train your clients while also building your fitness business brand. Custom apps are available as an add-on for all paid plans and can be purchased through the Trainerize web app. For more information, read our Custom Branded App: How do I get one? article.

This article explains what's included with your purchase of a Custom Branded Fitness App and how the branding will appear in the app to both trainers and clients.


Included in your Custom Branded App

Your Custom Branded Fitness App allows you to train your clients using an app built exactly like Trainerize but featuring your fitness business' logo and branding. 

Your custom branding is applied in several locations and is visible to all trainers and clients.


1. Mobile Icon

All custom apps include a unique app icon that will appear on your/your client's phone's home screen.  



2. Splash Page/Welcome Screen

Each time you or a client opens the app, a personalized splash page (also called a welcome screen) will appear. This page is build using your logo, an image of your choosing,  and your brand colors.



3. Mobile Top Bar

Inside your app, you and your clients will also see a branded top bar, featuring your logo and brand colors.



4. Favicon (Browser Tab Icon)

When logging into the web version of your custom app, both you and your clients will see a custom favicon applied to your browser tab. This favicon features a miniaturized version of your logo and one of your brand colors. 



iOS vs Android

All purchases of a Custom Branded Fitness App come with both an iOS version and an Android version of the app. Both versions include the same branding (as outlined above).

The only difference between the two is that the Android version is provided as a stand-alone app with a unique listing in the Google Play Store while the iOS version is pushed out to trainers and clients through the main Trainerize Fitness App and does not have a stand-alone version or unique listing in the Apple App Store. This difference in how the apps are accessed is due to Apple App Store policies. To see what that individual listing looks like, read our article: Custom Branded App: My App Is Ready.

For more information about how the branding is applied and how to download your Custom Branded Fitness App once it's ready, read our article: Custom Branded App: How Do I Download It?


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