Can I Pause a Client's Product?

While ABC Trainerize does not offer a direct way to pause or freeze a client's payment, there are a few workarounds you can utilize if you need to pause a client's product for a period of time.


1. Cancel the Product and Resell it Later

One option is to cancel the client's recurring product and resell it to them when they are ready to resume training. You can choose to cancel the product with or without issuing a refund, depending on your policy and/or the client's circumstances. 
For detailed steps on how to cancel a client's product, please refer to our help article: How to Cancel a Client's Product.


2. Apply a Discount Code to the Client's Recurring Product

Another option is to apply a discount code to the client's recurring product. This will provide the client with a certain percentage or amount off their next invoice, effectively pausing their payment for the desired period. 

Example scenarios:

  • For a monthly recurring product:
    • If a client wants to pause their training for one month, you can apply a 100% off discount, valid for one month, for the next invoice.
    • If a client wants to pause their training for one week, you can apply a 25% off discount code, valid for one month, for the next month.

It's important to note that discount codes are only active on the client's next invoice date and cannot be applied retroactively to current or past invoices. When applied to recurring products, the discount code will affect each billing cycle within the validity period. For instance, a discount code valid for one month on a monthly recurring product will apply to only one billing cycle, whereas a discount code valid for six weeks would apply to two billing cycles since it is a monthly recurring product. 

For more information on creating and applying discount codes, please refer to our help article: Creating Discount Codes.

Pausing a Client's Program

Once a client's payment has been "paused" via one of the above methods, you can also pause their training program until they return. Please visit our help article on How to Backdate or Pause a Client's Training Program for more information.


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