How do my clients login to ABC Trainerize?

When a client is added to your ABC Trainerize account, an Invitation Email is sent to the client with the following information:

1. Link to Setup Their Account

  • Clients will follow this link to create a login password, fill out their profile, and complete a consultation form if this setting is enabled

2. Links to Download the ABC Trainerize App (iOS/Android)

  • Clients will be directed to download the ABC Trainerize mobile app
  • Note that if you have a Pro Custom Branded App, the Google Play store link will direct you to your own app. The Apple app store link will direct to the ABC Trainerize fitness app only and branding is applied upon sign-in.

3. Your Unique Web Address Domain (ie.


Once account setup is completed, clients will be able to log in to both the web and mobile app to receive training and communication from you as the Trainer. Please note that the client experience is optimized for mobile app use. Clients can access their accounts on the web, however features are different and limited. For example, clients can only access their calendar on the mobile app (not the web) and can only enter workout stats on the web when workouts are scheduled. 


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