How to Monitor Client Nutrition with MyFitnessPal

Extend your nutrition coaching through the MyFitnessPal integration

Trainers can track their clients Caloric and Macro intake to understand how their diet is affecting their progress. Additionally, trainers can send motivational messages and tailored workout programs that complement their clients eating habits based on the feedback from both Trainerize and MyFitnessPal platforms.

How does the integration with MyFitnessPal Work?

The MyFitnessPal integration in Trainerize offers in-depth nutrition tracking by automatically syncing calories, macronutrients, and meal information entered in MyFitnessPal straight to Trainerize. See all the details of what your clients are eating and use that powerful data to offer advice, tweak meal plans, and keep clients on track with nutrition to achieve their goals.

Let’s start by opening up a clients profile and navigating to the “Goals” tab, then click “Add new goal” and choose “Nutrition goal”. You can specify your clients calorie target, a protein target based on percentage of calories, and a full macronutrient target using either the percentage sliders or exact amount of grams. Trainerize also offers the option to use your clients estimated Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) as a calorie target. To learn more about how to set and use your clients TDEE, click this link.

Once you have set the calorie and macro goals you will choose “Track meals with MyFitnessPal”. If you client has not yet synced their Myfitnesspal account to their Trainerize app, you will be prompted with a button that will offer you the option to send instructions to our client for connecting their MyFitnessPal app.

Once your client has set up their MyFitnessPal account and synced it with Trainerize, calories, macronutrients, and meal information will sync to your clients Trainerize profile. To see a detailed view of your clients nutrition, navigate to their calendar and click on a day with a logged meal. You will see their total calories and macros and a chart displaying their macronutrient ratios, and what your client ate for each meal that day. If you are not able to see the full meal information, your client might not have shared the meal logs with you. You can send them this video that shows how they can enable the full sharing of meal logs.

Copy the video link to send to your clients:


You can see all of this info from the mobile app as well by navigating to your clients calendar, and pressing on one of their logged days. 

Whenever you open a client’s profile, you will see the MyFitnessPal icon on the left side. If they are connected, a checkmark will be displayed. If, however, they haven’t yet synced their MyFitnessPal account with Trainerize, you can send them an in-app message with the instructions for doing so.




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