How do I fill out my profile?


Where do I edit my profile?

To edit your profile, please click on your name at the top right of the screen, then select "My Account"




A. Background Banner Image

You can upload a banner image either by dragging and dropping the image to the area indicated, or by clicking on the pencil icon and choosing "Upload Photo". 

The ideal size should be a minimum of 1200 pixels x 800 pixels. It will resize to 1200 pixels in width, while keeping a 2.22:1 ratio. (essentially a rectangular shape)

You can then drag to position the image and then finally click "Save". 

Once saved, you can always edit the image just by clicking on the pencil icon and choosing, "Upload A New Photo", "Remove" or "Reposition". 


B. Profile Picture

To add or change your profile picture, click anywhere in the circle to bring up a navigation window. This will allow you to navigate to where you have your profile picture saved on your computer. Select it and click "Open". 

This will open a window where you will be able to crop the image to your liking. Once you have adjusted the crop window, click on the check mark icon. 

The ideal size should be a minimum of 800 pixels x 800 pixels. It will resize to 800 x 800 with a square aspect ratio. (however, cropped into a circle in some of the design areas).


C. Profile Information

To edit the text information in your profile click on the "Edit" button in the far right corner just below the banner image.

This will allow you to edit the following fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Skype
  • Sex
  • Timezone
  • About Yourself - Max 600 characters
  • Training Experience - date you started as a professional trainer

The only information from this area that will be visible on the directory will be your first and last name, About Yourself and years training. No direct contact information is displayed.

If a potential client wishes to contact you, all messaging is done through the Trainerize app. No contact information is made public. 

Once you fill out the information click "Save" to update the changes.


D. Certifications 

To add certifications, click on the "Edit" button to the right. Then start typing the certifications name in the text field. Such as "ACE" or "IISA" or "NASM" and the system will bring up the certifications associated with the governing body. Choose the ones you wish to add by clicking on the certification and the clicking "Add". When you have completed adding your certifications, click "Done" to save changes.

This information will be displayed on your profile.


 E. Services Offered 

To add services offered, click on the "Edit" button to the right. Check off all services that apply to the services you offer as a personal trainer. When you have completed checking off services, click "Done" to save changes.

This information will be displayed on your profile.


F. In App Videos 

In app videos are created and uploaded via the mobile app only. They will appear in this area once they are complete. You cannot upload videos from this area on the web app. 

To learn how to upload a Why Train with Me Video follow this link: How and where do I create my Why Train With Me Video?

For the Welcome Video, learn more here: Greet Your Clients with a Welcome Video


G. Photo Feed

This is an area where you can upload photos of clients working out, pictures of you delivering training or any other type of images you would like to share. Just drag and drop the images to the display area or use the text option that says "Select A File" to navigate to images on your computer.

These images will be displayed on your profile.


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