How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Account owners can downgrade from a paid plan to a free plan at any time from the web. In this article, we will cover the steps to cancel your subscription as well as account changes when downgrading to a free plan.


Steps to Cancel Auto-Renew

1. Log into your Trainerize web account and navigate to Settings > Billing.



2. At the bottom right of the "Base Subscription" section, click Cancel auto-renew.

  • If you have already paid for the current invoice, your plan will automatically downgrade at the end of your current billing cycle.
  • *Billing Cycle= the end of your current monthly/annual plan as displayed on your Billing Information screen. Trainerize does not offer refunds for portions of unused subscriptions as outlined on our Pricing Page and Terms of Service*

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3. Depending on the plan you are on when downgrading to a Free plan you might run into one of the following situations:



4. After you select all of the changes, you will be able to click AGREE.

5. You will be asked to fill out a downgrade survey. Fill out the survey, and continue to downgrade your account.

  • Your account will remain active on a Free plan, but you will not be billed again. In order to permanently delete your account and information, click here.
  • You will remain on our Marketing lists so you can stay up to date on all the cool new features we add! You can unsubscribe from our marketing emails at any time.

What is a Free Plan?

When you cancel your paid subscription, your account will automatically be downgraded to a free plan. The free plan allows you to manage only one client account, with some feature limitations:

  • Free plans only allow one coaching client seat 
    • All other client accounts, if active at the time of cancellation, will be downgraded to basic or deactivated clients
  • Free plans do not have access to any paid add-ons
    • This includes the Advanced Nutrition Coaching add-on, Stripe Integrated Payments add-on, Video Coaching add-on as well as the Custom Branded App add-on
    • If you have a Custom Branded App, your app will be reverted to the ABC Trainerize fitness app
  • All of your programs and workouts will remain unaffected

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