What are Program Auto-Tags and How Can I Use Them?

Whether you want to assign multiple programs to a client or create and sell a variety of new memberships and products– program auto-tags allow you to identify which clients do not have any current training content or if they have content that is about to expire.


What are Program Auto-tags:


  • Tags are filters you can apply to your client list to view different types of clients, groups, etc.   
  • Program Auto-tags are specific tags automatically applied to clients without training content OR who are currently subscribed to Main/Add-on Products that are nearing their end date.
  • These tags can be used to review your client list, and manage your client's training schedules by allowing you to filter and see precisely who needs an update to their current programming or new programming assigned to them! 
  • Note for on-demand programs: 
    • Clients who are subscribed to an on-demand library, will not be auto-tagged for those programs as on-demand the library is always available to them. 


Program Auto-tags to filter by: 

  • “training content expiring”
    • Clients whose last training phase is expiring, across all programs. 

  • “needs new training content”
    • Clients who don’t have a current training phase, across all programs.


How to filter your client list by Program Auto-tags: 

  1. Go to the Clients tab > Select the ADD FILTER Button > 

    Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 10.47.25.png

  2. Hover over the By Tag Menu option > Select the desired tag to filter by > Review your client list based on your selected filter.

    Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 11.27.54.png 





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