What Data Syncs From Wearables and App Integrations?


Syncing your wearable data with ABC Trainerize gives you a comprehensive view of your progress, allowing you and your Trainer to personalize your workouts and keep you motivated.


With wearable tracking, you can monitor your heart rate, count your steps, analyze your sleep and activity patterns, and more!


Here is a chart that compares all information that syncs over from the various devices/apps ABC Trainerize integrates with:




Apple Health




Blood Pressure   x     x
Body Fat     x x x
Body Weight   x x x x
Caloric Burn   x x x x
Caloric Intake x     x  
Cardio Activities     x x x
Macro Intake x     x  
Meal Information x     x  
Resting Heart Rate   x x x x
Sleep   x x x x
Steps   x x x x

App Android Compatible  Apple Compatible  Syncs directly through the Application 
MyFitnessPal x x x
Apple Health   x x
Garmin x x x


x x x


x x x



  • Though the use of wearables does increase the accuracy of data collected– data that is synced directly from an application can also be viewed through Trainerize without the use of a wearable device. 

Device/App Not Listed? 

  • Some wearable devices can be used across different platforms– because of this, you may be able to sync your fitness data via one or more of the above options. Check with the support team associated with your wearable to confirm any integrations. 

    • EX: Google Pixel watches are compatible with the Fitbit App. 





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