Attaching Master Programs to Groups


Although Master Programs and Groups are two different features, they can (and should) be used in conjunction for many reasons. Groups create a sense of community for your clients and adding multiple clients in a group makes it easier for trainers to manage a large number of clients. 


There are two ways you can use Groups and Master Programs together:

Attach a Master Program to a Group

Add clients to a Group (and assign their Programs separately) 

- Attaching a Master Program to a Group prompts you to select a START DATE, which means all clients added to the group will be completing the exact same workouts in their program at the exact SAME TIME. 

- This is great for athletic teams, bootcamps, challenges, an intake based program or a signature program of yours where you guide clients through their workouts at the same time. 

- There is only one way to do this. See steps below.

- Once you create the Group and attach the Master Program to it, all you need to do is add clients to the Group moving forward and they will automatically be subscribed to the Master Program (one step process).

- If you do not wish to sell a service where your clients are beginning the same program at the same time, this option is for you. 

- Create a support group and add your clients to the group. You could have multiple support groups based on clients needs (beginners, clients that need extra motivation etc) or based on a program (bodybuilding basics, yoga, strength training, running etc). 

- You could sell multiple types of the same program. For example, yoga for beginners and advanced yoga. Then you could create one group for all your yoga clients because they have that in common and the advanced yoga clients can encourage and motivate the beginner yoga clients. On the other hand, you can create two yoga groups to compliment the two yoga programs you have (beginner and advanced). This way, you can share relevant content in each yoga group separately.

- The difference between this option and the first one is, there is no set start date. Clients can join the group whenever they purchase your yoga program and be a part of that community but everyone completes the program at their own pace. 

- In this case, it's a two step process (add client to Group, subscribe or copy client to Program).




How to attach a Master Program to a Group (Option 1)



1. Create a Master Program

Create a specific program that you want all your group members to follow at the same time. Follow the steps in this article to learn how to create a program: What is a Program? How do I build one?


2. Create a Group

Create a Group. Don't forget to check out this article to learn how to boost client engagement in groups: Boost Client Engagement with Groups


3. Assign the Master Program to the Group

After your program and group are created, it's time to assign the program to the group. You can do this from the 3-dot menu in your group.



When you click "Subscribe to a Master Program", you will be prompted to attach your program and select a start date for the program.


PLEASE NOTE: The "Master Program" option syncs up all the start dates for all the members of the group. If a client joins the group after the program has begun they will be starting the program from that moment onwards. (if they join in week 2, they will not be able to see or complete exercises from week 1).





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