Minimum System Requirements for ABC Trainerize


ABC Trainerize is dedicated to providing excellent support for a wide range of web browsers and mobile devices. While we can't accommodate every combination out there, we strive to cover the most popular ones.

  1. Web application requirements
  2. Mobile application requirements

Web application requirements

ABC Trainerize is optimized for the Google Chrome Web browser, ensuring you have the best possible experience when using our web application. You can download it for free here on both Mac and Windows computers. 

Computer OS Requirements:

  • MacOS 12 Montery and above
  • Windows OS 11 and above

Mobile application requirements

ABC Trainerize is officially supported on both Android and iOS devices. For Android devices, make sure to have Google Services installed and enabled to use Trainerize. We provide support for up to 2 versions prior to the latest mobile operating systems for Android and iOS. Here are the current mobile requirements:

  • iPhone users require iOS version 15.0 and above
  • iPad users require iPadOS version 15.0 and above
  • Apple Watch users require WatchOS version 8.0 and above
  • Android Phone users require Android OS version 12.0 and above
  • Android Tablets are not officially supported
  • Amazon Fire products are not supported

Please note: Users of Apple devices running iOS 14 or below, and Watch OS 7 or below, will still be able to use the last compatible version of ABC Trainerize. However, they will not have access to the latest updates.


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