How to Rebrand your Studio or Enterprise Custom Branded App (CBA)

We understand that your brand evolves and so should your Studio/Enterprise Custom Branded App! After your app is launched, you are entitled to a complimentary rebrand. 

Please note that the following rebrand steps are only applicable to Studio/Enterprise Custom Branded Apps. If you have a Pro Custom Branded App and are interested in rebranding, refer to our help article here.


How do I get started on a rebrand?

To get started on your rebrand, please send the Custom Branded App (CBA) team an email with your new assets and a brief summary of the desired changes.

Please note, you only need to send us the assets you wish to change. For more details on the required assets, please review this article.


What is the process to rebrand my app?

Any changes to your app’s branding (app icon, app name, description, top bar color, logos, splash screen, ect.) requires a full rebuild of your app. Once you submit your rebrand request, a member of our team will confirm it’s been received and your app will go back into our processing queue. We will create new app mockups and share them with you for your approval before we rebuild and publish your app. You will be notified by the CBA team when your rebranded app is live.


Additional Support:

Will my current app still be live while it gets rebranded?

Yes! You and your clients should not notice any changes to your app while we update it. When your rebranded app is live, you will be notified by the CBA team.


Is there any cost associated with rebranding my app?

At the moment, rebrands are free of charge and included in your plan. 


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