How to sync cardio and other activities through Fitbit

With our Fitbit integration, clients can sync cardio activities tracked using Fitbit to Trainerize! That way they can leave their phones behind and track cardio activities like swimming, CrossFit, yoga, and more on the go.

  • Ability to track over 27 different cardio activities, plus all other Fitbit cardio activities will be listed as a General cardio activity in Trainerize.
  • Duration, distance, active calories burned, average heart rate, speed, and pace will also be tracked.

Please note: If you've already granted activity and exercise permission to Fitbit in the past, you will need to disconnect and reconnect your Fitbit integration to grant permission for the new activities. 


The list below shows what the data is called on the Fitbit watch on the left and what it shows up as in the Trainerize app on the right.

  • Sleep → Sleep
  • Heart Rate → Resting Heart Rate
  • Energy expended → Caloric Burn
  • Body weight → Body weight
  • Body Fat → Body Fat
  • Calories consumed → Caloric Intake
  • Steps → Steps
  • Activity → Various Cardio Activities


Clients can connect their Fitbit accounts to their Trainerize account in the More tab on the mobile app. Step by step instructions can be found in this help article:

How can clients connect their Fitbit to Trainerize?




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