Stripe Integrated Payments

Plugging Stripe into Trainerize allows you to seamlessly sell digital fitness products through Trainerize’s e-commerce and social selling features and process credit cards payments with the leading internet payment processor in 35 countries. Accept live payments with Stripe to sell your services online, seamlessly automate program delivery and sell and track sessions all in Trainerize!


The pricing for the Stripe Integrated Payments is outlined in the chart below. 

Pro Studio Enterprise
$7/month Included Custom



You can turn on the Stripe Integrated Payments add-on in a variety of locations:


1. When you upgrade to a Pro Plan, you will be prompted to select the add-on.



2. Under Add-ons > Trainerize Add-ons, you can select Stripe Integrated Payments



3. Under Payments > Setup, select SIGN UP AND CONNECT.



For options 2 & 3, you will be prompted to purchase the add-on in a new pop-up dialogue as shown below:




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