How to schedule a paid appointment for a client


Scheduling an appointment in your client's calendar is the last step when it comes to selling personal training sessions. Appointments can be used for any services (nutrition coaching, weekly check-ins, consultation calls etc). In this article, we're going to use a personal training session as our example. 


If you're at this stage, you've already: 

1. Created the Appointment type

2. Created and sold the Product (with appointments) to your client 


The next step is to then schedule those appointments that your client just purchased into their calendar!


1. On the web, click the Calander Tab > Schedule tab. 

  • Be sure to check that you're looking at the calendar for the correct location and Trainer. By default, it will display for the trainer that is logged in. 

Next, click on the date you want to schedule an appointment. In this example, we are clicking on March 8th. 


  • This will prompt a pop-up where you can select the appointment type (Example: 1-on-1 Appointment if you're looking to book a PT session for a specific client). 



3. Once you hit the blue CREATE button, you'll see the Add Appointment dialogue pop-up. The most important part is to select the Event Type. In this case, it's the 1 hr PT Appointment we previously created. You know it's a paid Appointment type because of the dollar sign icon to the right. 





5. Once you schedule the Appointment. You'll notice on your client's Profile Card, the number of sessions will decrease depending on how many you scheduled. In this case, we only scheduled one, and the client bought a 10-session pack. So the number of remaining sessions went down from 10 to 9 sessions. 


On the Summary tab of a client's Profile Card, scroll down. 



Under Session Credits, you can see the number go down. 




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