What Cardio Activities can be tracked through the Apple Watch?

Tracking a workout or cardio activity using the Apple Watch App gives clients more flexibility to train according to their fitness routines with activities they enjoy! In addition, you and your clients get access to real-time data when using the Apple Watch App, insights that help clients take their training up a notch. 


  • Here is the current list of available cardio activities: 

    - American football

    - Australian football

    - Badminton

    - Basketball

    - Baseball

    - Cricket

    - CrossFit (labeled as "Cross training" in Apple Health)

    - Dancing

    - Fitness Class (Labeled as "Mixed cardio" in Apple Health )

    - HIIT

    - Hiking

    - Hockey

    - Jump rope

    - Paddling

    - Pilates

    - Rugby

    - Skiing (in Apple Health it's labeled as "Downhill skiing")

    - Snowboarding

    - Squash

    - Softball

    - Soccer

    - Swimming

    - Tennis

    - Table Tennis

    - Yoga

    - Volleyball

  • To start a cardio activity without a target, clients can tap the area where the name of the activity is. If they would like to set up a target, they need to tap the three dots on the right-hand side.



  • Setting a target 
    • Performance Cardio Activities
      • For distance based cardio activities, like running, walking, cycling, rowing, and the elliptical, clients will be able to set the following targets:
          • Distance
          • Time
    • Non-performance Cardio Activities
      • For time based cardio activities, which includes all other cardio activities, clients can only set a time target. Screen_Shot_2021-01-13_at_1.05.24_PM.png


  • Indoor/Outdoor Selection
    • After selecting the cardio activity with or without a target, if applicable for the cardio activity, the client will be able to indicate the activity is an indoor or outdoor activity. 




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