Add Us as a Project Owner on Google Cloud Project

Note: this is NOT a required step and only to be actioned as instructed by the CBA Team.


Once your Google account has been created, and we have been added as Admin on to your Google Play Store, you will need to add Trainerize as a Project Owner on Google Cloud. This is a separate process and page. 


This is required to allow Trainerize to update and maintain your Custom Branded App.


How to Add Trainerize as a Project Owner on Google Cloud Project

Once you have created your Play Store Console account and added Trainerize as an Admin, you will have to follow the steps below to provide Trainerize with API Key to allow us to publish and update your App:

  1. Log in to Google Play Console
  2. On the left dashboard, click Setup
  3. Under Developer account, click API Access
  4. Click on the blue button: Choose a project to link Screen_Shot_2022-02-17_at_12.24.53_PM.png
  5.  If necessary, agree to the Terms of Service by clicking on I agreeScreen_Shot_2022-02-17_at_12.25.01_PM.png
  6. Under Linked Google Cloud project, select Create new project, and then click the Link project button in the bottom rightmceclip1.png
  7. Click View Project to open up a new tab to Google Cloud Platform.mceclip0.png

In the newly opened tab, follow the steps below:

  1. If necessary, log into Google Cloud Platform
  2. On the left hand dashboard, click on IAM & Admin, then IAM 

  3. On the top bar, click +ADD mceclip1.png

  4. Under New Members, add
  5. For role, select Project > Owner mceclip2.png
  6. Toggle on Send notification email
  7. Click Save Screen_Shot_2022-02-17_at_12.28.36_PM.png


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