How to Sync Appointments from MINDBODY to Trainerize

*** Connecting to MINDBODY is available only for Studio and Enterprise plans. ***

Sync MINDBODY appointments to Trainerize and deliver virtual coaching to your members through the Video Call features in Trainerize! Be it a consultation, training or nutrition session, you can now sell and offer a variety of membership and coaching options to your members.


By syncing your appointments, you and your clients will be able to view MINDBODY appointments in Trainerize at a glance—all without having to open up the MINDBODY calendar!
Set up appointments as live video calls and enjoy the ability to stay on track of client appointments straight from Trainerize! When you sync your MINDBODY appointment types to Trainerize, you can indicate whether you’d like the appointment to be a video call or not. This video call functionality allows you to connect with clients 1-on-1 for a personalized session—live! 
Follow the steps below to get started.

Under Add-ons > Integrations > MINDBODY, click MANAGE




Scroll down to the Synced Appointment Types section and click Add Appointments




Select the appointments you want to sync and click Finish.

  • Pease note, appointment types that are set up in MBO with a duration longer than 120 min cannot be synced to Trainerize.
  • If you select the "Video Call" box for that appointment, you will be able to use the video calling feature in Trainerize to join the call with your clients. Please note, if you do not select the video call option during the appointment sync, you will not be able to edit the appointment later to enable a video call unless you re-sync the appointment type from MINDBODY.


^ The "Automatically import clients who have not been added to Trainerize yet." will control importing new clients from MINDBODY into Trainerize.

  • If the checkbox is checked, clients will be imported on both contracts and appointments.
  • If the checkbox is unchecked, new clients will be imported only through contracts.


Your selected appointments from MINDBODY will sync from two weeks in the past six months into the future. 




Some key information to be aware of:

  • MINDBODY appointments are synced one way; from MINDBODY to Trainerize. Appointments created in Trainerize will not sync to MINDBODY.
  • Appointments synced from MINDBODY to Trainerize cannot be edited, rescheduled (including drag and drop) or deleted in Trainerize. You can schedule, edit or delete MINDBODY appointments only in MINDBODY.
  • When you sync appointment types for the first time to Trainerize, appointments from two weeks in the past and one year into the future will be pulled into your Trainerize calendar. 
  • If trainer doesn't exist in Trainerize, that trainer's appointments will not be synced. In order to have a trainer's appointments imported, the trainer has to be added into Trainerize using the same email that was used for their MINDBODY profile.
  • If a MINDBODY location is not connected to Trainerize, the appointments scheduled in MINDBODY for that location will not be synced to Trainerize.
  • When we import the appointments, it doesn't matter if the client is active or deactivated in Trainerize. We will import appointments of deactivated clients as well as active clients.






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