How to Keep Clients Motivated With Automated Zap Triggers


Creating a Zap that will help you send a message automatically to a client after they complete a workout, cardio activity, habit or reach their weight or daily nutrition goals, is essential to celebrating small wins in a timely manner.


This Zap will activate for all clients under the Trainerize account connected. Learn how to set up this Zap to keep clients motivated. 


Step 1 - Create a Trigger

  • Visit Zapier and create a new Zap 
  • For the app, select Trainerize
  • For the trigger, select Workout Completed

Note: the “Workout completed” trigger event can be swapped without further modifications for other trigger events, including: Cardio Completed, Habit Completed, Daily Nutrition Goal Hit, Weight Goal Hit.



  • Connect and select your Trainerize account



    Test the trigger and make sure data is displayed



Step 2 - Create the Action to Send a Message

  • For app, choose Trainerize
  • For the action event, choose Send a Message


  • Select your Trainerize account


  • Set up the Send Message Action by typing in your message and inserting any data like "Workout Name" within your message


  • Press “Test & Continue”


  • If the email linked from the trigger is the group owner’s email address and there is an error with the action test, skip the test. That happens because the account receiving the message cannot be the same as the account sending it.


  • Click on “Turn on Zap”



Trainerize provides support for the use of the Shared Zaps. Any other connections made with Zapier will be supported by Zapier's help team.


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