Troubleshooting Contract Automation in the MINDBODY Integration


If you run into the issue of the automation not running for your online consumer contracts and sales please try the following two steps to ensure you’ve set up your MINDBODY contract correctly.  


First Step:

Make sure you have connected your ‘Online Store’ as a location. In order to make online sales you need the online store connected as a location to Trainerize (Note: this will not charge you for an extra location at Trainerize). 



Learn how to connect your online store.



Second Step:

Make sure you use the Branded Web Tools (widget-based MINDBODY product that uses Public API) to sell your contracts and not consumer mode.


Here is where you can sign in to access the Branded Web Tools: 


Please note: If you don’t have a branded web tools account you can create one here.


After you’ve logged in please follow these steps to set up the contract in MINDBODY: Selling contracts with branded web tools


Once you’ve created the contract with the branded web tools you can sync it to Trainerize.



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