Website: Adding Trainerize Pay products to your Wix website

Creating buttons on your Wix website that link to the checkout pages for Trainerize Pay products you've created is a great way to promote and offer your services online.

After following the steps in this article, visitors to your site will be able to click a button for a product on your website, pay for the product on your Trainerize Pay checkout page, then be automatically added as a new client with the correct program/group/trainer assigned, depending on how you've set up the Trainerize Pay automation or that product.

Before adding payment links to your website, we recommend reading through our "Trainerize Pay automation and setup guide"

If you've already read through that guide, your Trainerize pay products have their automation set up, and you're ready to publish them to your Wix website, then follow along with the steps below!

Step 1

From the Wix website builder, add a button element and click the option to edit the "Link".

You will see a list of things you can link the button to. You will want to select the option for "Web address". 

You'll see an empty field where a web address can be pasted in, which brings us to...


Step 2

Open a new browser tab, open your Trainerize account, then navigate to the "Products" tab in your Trainerize Pay page.

Every product you create in Trainerize Pay will have an icon that looks like a chain which allows you to copy the "Checkout" link. 

Find the product you would like to add to your Wix page and copy the "Checkout link".

You'll see a green bar pop up on the bottom of your screen saying "Payment link copied to clipboard". This means the link has been copied and you can now paste it anywhere you like. In this case, we are going to go back to your Wix website builder and paste in in the field for the button you're editing. 

In the Wix editor, place your cursor in the field for the button "Web address" URL and paste in your Trainerize Pay checkout URL by pressing "command+v" on Mac or "control+v" on a windows computer.


Step 3

Once you have added the appropriate links to the product buttons on your Wix website, click the "Publish" button on the top right of your Wix website builder. 

You can now test the buttons by going to your live site. When you click the buttons you should be taken to the checkout page for the correct product.


Step 4

Over 90 percent of consumers browse the internet from their mobile devices, and many consumers find their favourite brands via social media. Therefore, a mobile-friendly website and checkout process is a necessity for doing business online.

A great place to put the link to your website is in your Instagram bio link, Facebook page, or LinkedIn profile. 

You can either link directly to a product checkout link from your Trainerize Pay account or, in the case below, to the product catalogue on your Wix website. When someone presses the button for one of your products they will be taken to a mobile-friendly checkout page hosted on your Trainerize Pay account.


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