Social Media: Creating a Facebook Catalog to sell your products

A Facebook catalog is a container that holds information about your products inventory, like images, prices, descriptions and more. You can create catalogs for your Trainerize Pay products.




After you create a catalog and add your inventory, you can create ads and connect to shopping channels on Facebook and Instagram to show people items from your catalog. For example, you can:

  • Create dynamic ads: Dynamic ads pull items from your catalog and show them to people who've already looked at or searched for them online. Dynamic ads match items from your catalog with signals from a Facebook pixel, a piece of code installed on your website.
  • Tag products on Instagram: If you connect your catalog to an Instagram business account, you can tag products from your catalog in Instagram posts and Stories with shopping on Instagram. People can tap on your tagged products to see prices and descriptions, or shop straight from their feed.
  • Display products in a Facebook Page shop: When you add a shop to your Page, we automatically create a catalog for you to hold information about your products for sale. If you already have a catalog, you can create a shop directly from your catalog. You can also tag products from your shop in posts so people can tap on them to shop.
  • Create collection ads: Collection ads show a collection of 4 items from your catalog under a hero image or video. People can tap on your items to learn more or browse similar items.


Learn more about using Facebook Catalogs:

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