How can clients connect to Withings?

The Withings connection to Trainerize requires you to have a Withings account. You must have this created and setup already. The authentication uses the login credentials of your Withings account to authorize the connection to Trainerize. 


Only clients can connect their Withings accounts to Trainerize. Trainers can only see the data pulled in from client Withings accounts.


Connected devices and wearables are powerful tools trainers and coaches can leverage to help their clients build healthy habits and make health and wellness a core part of their daily lives. 

Through the Withings integration for Trainerize, whenever a client records a new body measurement – steps, sleep, body fat, body weight, lean mass, blood pressure or resting heart rate – it is saved in their Withings account on their mobile app. From there, it’s instantly synced to the Trainerize client dashboard as a new body stat measurement. This enables trainers to more effectively monitor client health and fitness goals and guide clients towards long term progress.

1. Clients need to navigate to the More tab at the bottom right on the mobile app menu and then select Withings and tap on Connect to log in to their Withings account.



2. Ensure that they select the "Allow this app" button to move forward with the connection.




3. Once the connection has been made, it might take a few minutes for the Withings data to start syncing to the Trainerize app.

  • Clients will see a "Sync in background" message similar to the screenshot below.

  • Good to know: The initial sync will be bringing in 2 weeks of information and might take longer. Once it is completed, syncs should appear in the app within a few minutes.



What information can I see as a trainer?

Once the sync is complete, the information will be displayed in a few locations within the account:

  • Client Calendar

  • Client Dashboard

  • Progress Tiles on the Client Dashboard (Steps, Sleep, Body Weight, Lean Mass, Body Fat, Resting Heart Rate, Active Calories burnt, Blood pressure)

  • Progress graphs (Steps, Sleep, Body Weight, Lean Mass, Body Fat, Resting Heart Rate, Active Calories burnt)

IMG_1315.jpg         IMG_1320.jpg


Trainers will start seeing clients' body stats in the Recent Activities feed on the web and mobile app. 



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