Keeping Your Account Secure

At Trainerize, we take account security and data protection seriously and have put a variety of measures in place to keep your account safe and sound. However, doing business on the internet does require a few extra precautions and we appreciate your support as we work hard to protect your data.

Know that we will never ask you for your account password. We might ask you to confirm the email you used to set up your account, but never your password.

If you ever receive an email that says it’s from us but it looks suspicious or asks you for personal details, do not respond or click any links in the email. Instead, contact our support team to let us know.

If you are using, you will likely receive emails from potential clients inquiring about your services. We encourage you to exercise the same caution when reviewing and responding to these emails.

Lastly, we will not ask you for your payment information or banking details via email or unexpected webpages. While our support team can accept payment information from you over the phone, you will always be given the option to enter your own details from inside your Trainerize account.

Thank you for helping us keep your account secure!

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