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The Transactions page is where you can find all the details of your payment transactions including payments (both accepted and failed) and refunds.

From this screen, you can see at a glance the gross amount transacted, a column for the transaction fees, and finally the net amount. This adds transparency to all your transactions so you know exactly what your clients are paying and how much you’re pocketing.

The Transactions page can be found under the Payments section on the left. 


What is Gross Amount vs Net Amount? 

The gross amount is the total amount your clients pay. The net amount is what you will be paid out after the transaction fees have been collected by Stripe.


What are Transaction Fees? 

As you may know already, Stripe Integrated Payments is powered by Stripe. Using Stripe infrastructure allows us to deliver secure and reliable payment processing. Stripe transaction fees are removed from the total amount paid by your clients before the balance is paid out to you. The fees are determined by your country but we will give you an example below:

  • Example:
    • Sample rate: 3.15% + 30 cents
      • Client Pays: $100 
      • Transaction Fees: 3.15% + $0.30
      • Amount you receive: $96.55 [$100 - ($3.15 + $0.30) = $96.55]

You can learn more about Stripes transaction fees by visiting their website. 


Filtering Transactions

You can filter your transactions by Date and Type (payment, refund, failed). There are many options for transaction dates but if you need something specific, you can select "Custom date range". 

  • Please note: if you select "Last year" you will get the previous 12 months from the current date. For example, if you select "last year" on April 15, 2019, then you will get the transactions from April 15, 2018 - April 15, 2019.



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