How to Restrict Adding and Editing Client and Trainer Information


For large fitness business and fitness enterprise chains that use an external CRM system or the MINDBODY add-on to sync their clients into Trainerize, we’re adding features to help you restrict or lock down the addition or editing of clients and trainers. 

These features offer more control and customization over your team and your client records. Please note, this feature is limited to Studio and Enterprise plans only.


You can find the lock down options under Settings > Permissions in your account on the web.



If you select these permission settings, no one, including the account owner, will have the ability to add clients, trainers or appointments to their Trainerize account. They must be added through an external system, such as MindBody. The lockdown can be placed on clients, trainers, appointments or all three.


If the lockdown is activated for clients: you cannot add, delete, edit (see below) or activate/deactivate clients.


If the lockdown is activated for trainers: you cannot add, delete or edit (see below) trainer profiles.


  • These are the 4 parts of the client and trainer profiles that will be "locked in" but you can edit the rest:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address
    • Phone Number

If the lockdown is activated for appointments: This action will disable the ability to create new appointments in Trainerize. It controls scheduling new appointments, rescheduling and deleting appointments in the Trainerize calendar.

  • Keep in mind, however, you will still be able to add appointment types for Trainerize appointments in the Settings.




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