How do I upgrade or downgrade between plans

Account owners can upgrade or downgrade their plans at any time inside their accounts.

Upgrading your account (from a paid to another paid account)

1. First, go to "Settings" > "Billing". 

2. Under the "Billing" section, click on the "COMPARE ALL PLANS" button located at the top right of the page.


3. You can toggle the plans based on your business type (Fitness Pro, 1-4 Location Gym, 5+ Location Gym).

The plans will appear in columns with a description of the price and what's included (clients & locations). You can also compare the "Monthly" vs. "Annual" rates by selecting the toggle at the bottom of the page. By paying for one-year upfront (Annual) you save 10%!


Please note, clicking "Select" will process the payment if your credit card is already on file. There is no other additional information beyond that point so click "Select" only when you are 100% sure of the plan you wish to purchase. 


Downgrading your account (from a paid plan to another paid plan)

Depending on the plan you are on, when downgrading to a smaller plan you might run into one of the following situations:

  • The new plan you want to downgrade to has fewer client seats that your number of your current active clients. You will then need to deactivate/delete some of the active clients you have. If you don't do this, downgrading will automatically deactivate some of them to fit your plan limit. (Deactivated clients can be reactivated easily if you ever need to train them later). We recommend doing this yourself prior to selecting a new plan to have complete control of your clients.
  • The new plan you want to downgrade to has fewer locations. This will prompt a dialog to move your clients to the location you want to keep. Otherwise, this change will be processed automatically and we'll move all your clients to the remaining location. We recommend doing this yourself prior to selecting a new plan so you have complete control of your locations.
  • When switching to a Studio plan to a Pro or Grow plan, the Studio-level theming will be removed from your app, in-app e-commerce features will be disabled, and both the iOS and Android versions will be removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play store.



After you solve any of these conflicts, you will be able to purchase another plan. Once you click "Subscribe", the following things will happen:

  • You will be downgraded to your selected plan on the upcoming billing cycle.
  • Your billing date remains the same.


Downgrading your account (from a paid plan to a free plan)

Downgrading to a Free plan, also means canceling your account. You can find more information about canceling your account here.

See below more billing-related articles.

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