How to Send a Message to All Your Clients (Mass Messaging)


There will be times when you want to share important information with all of your clients. To do this, you can use the Trainerize in-app messenger. 


Follow these simple steps to send a message to all of your clients. 


1. Sign into the web app and navigate to the "Clients" tab on the left side of the screen. 


2. Click the small checkmark to select all your clients. (The list of clients will turn blue and a blue bar that says "Deselect all" will appear once it's checked.)


3. Click "Message" to start composing a mass message.



4. Choose if you would like to send the message separately or to a group. 

Messages sent separately will appear in separate conversations, while messages sent to a group will appear in a new group message and will be visible to all the clients messaged. Any responses to that group message will be visible to all members of that group conversation. 


5. Compose your message. To add personalization, use the shortcode "First.Name". This will auto-populate with the individual clients' names when they receive the message. 

When you are done, hit enter to send.



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