Greet Your Clients with a Welcome Video

Make a good first impression by uploading a Client Welcome Video to the app. This video will appear when a client first logs into your mobile app and is the perfect opportunity to get them excited about training with you and using your app!

How to Upload a Client Welcome Video

You can upload the Client Welcome Video from your mobile app.

  • Tap the 3 dots menu in the bottom menu to access your App Settings.
  • Then Tap on "Welcome Video"


  • Add your Welcome Video by either taking a new video or choosing one you already have on your device.



Tips for Creating a Great Client Welcome Video!

  • Upload a video that is portrait orientation
  • The app does not save draft videos, if you want to do a few test runs, make sure you use your phone to record the videos and then upload the one you want to use.
  • We recommend recording in a well-lit environment with plenty of natural/artificial light for a more professional look.
  • Make sure the video is as high quality as possible. You can also use a pre-recorded video that you've created with a camera and then upload to your app.

What To Talk about in the Welcome Video?

  • Introduce yourself and welcome clients to your training app and program
  • Give clients a quick intro of what they should expect from training with you or from this particular training program
  • Encourage clients to use the app to track their progress and communicate with you
  • Get them motivated and excited!


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  • 0
    Brian Moyle

    This feature was part of android but as far as I know, it hasn't been accessible for a long time now...

  • 0
    Tommy Little

    I do not have a Welcome Video tab in my mobile app settings, nor do I have a tab to make a Why Train with Me video. Have these features been removed or something?

  • 0
    Brian Moyle

    Tommy to you have an apple phone or an android phone? I think it was removed for android but I think it remained on apple phones (not 100% as I don't have one).

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