How to Manage 1099-K Tax Forms

Since Trainerize is a Canadian company, the obligation to provide tax forms, such as the 1099-K, typically does not apply. While certain states may have different regulations, Trainerize does not mandate a US Tax ID.


However, for US-connected accounts meeting specific criteria, Stripe automatically issues 1099-K forms. These criteria include:

  • The account being based in the United States (ownership by US citizens is not required).
  • Total gross volume exceeding USD 20,000.
  • More than 200 charges processed.

You can access a comprehensive list of your transactions by following the instructions outlined in this article: "How can I export my previous year's income for tax reporting?"


Moreover, with Trainerize Pay now operating through Stripe's infrastructure, you can conveniently access all necessary tax information by logging into your Stripe account. Simply navigate to "Reports" and then select "Tax" to generate the required reports for tax purposes.

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