Can I Assign a Client to Multiple Trainers?

ABC Trainerize encourages fitness professionals to engage with clients and deliver personalized training experiences. However, one common question that arises is whether it's possible to assign a client to multiple trainers. As of now, the platform does not support this feature. In this article, we'll explore the reasons behind this limitation and provide alternative solutions.

Why Can't I Assign a Client to Multiple Trainers?

The intricacies of data management, progress tracking, and communication channels within ABC Trainerize are optimized for a one-to-one trainer-client relationship. While we understand the desire for collaborative training experiences, the current system does not allow for clients to be assigned to multiple trainers simultaneously.

Exploring Alternatives

Although the direct assignment of clients to multiple trainers isn't currently supported, there are alternative approaches you can consider:

1. Multi-Trainer Group Chat

Use the messenger to create a Group Chat with the client and multiple trainers added. This can be done by creating a new message, adding the client and trainer(s) you would like to have in communication > In the messenger window Click Send Separately > Change to Send to Group.

2. Boost Client Engagement with Groups

Similar to a Facebook Group, the ABC Trainerize Group feature allows a group of trainers to interact with multiple clients via a group chat. You can create stronger relationships with your clients, increase engagement, and strengthen their accountability—simply by having better conversations, at the right time and in the right place. 

The Ideas Forum - Your Voice Matters!

If you find the need for clients to have multiple trainers, you're not alone. This idea has already been proposed on our Ideas Forum, where users like yourself can suggest new features and vote on existing ideas. Our development team actively reviews the forum to understand user needs and prioritize features for future updates.

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