Why Didn't the Auto Message on the First Day of the Program Send Out to My Client?

Automated messages play a crucial role in boosting communication between trainers and clients while also adding a personal touch to make programs more personable.  If you've noticed that the auto message scheduled for the first day of the program was not sent out to your client, there might be a singular cause behind this hiccup. In this article, we'll delve into this further and provide focused troubleshooting steps to ensure the smooth delivery of your messages.

Possible Cause:

Auto-Message Delivery Time

Auto messages are triggered based on the program start date and time.

If the message is scheduled to be sent out on the first day but the client does not approve the purchase of the product the program is attached to or is not subscribed to the program before your intended delivery time, they will not see the message. 

Once the delivery time has passed for the client, any missed messages will not be sent out retroactively. 



  1. Review Message Delivery Time:

    • Set the message time for later in the day which ensures that a client accepts the product and sets them up for the program. 
  2. Adjust Product Sale Date:

    • Selling the product before the program is set to start gives the client more time to accept the purchase. This will in turn guarantee that they receive the first-day message in time. 
      Note: Clients who have purchased the product or currently have it set to pending, will have their version of the product grandfathered. More in the following article: Making Changes to Existing Products (**author's note, the Help Center link for this article was not loading when attempting to search for it using the hyperlink feature**) 

By following the troubleshooting steps and implementing preventive measures, you can ensure that your clients are onboarded smoothly to begin their training with you and ABC Trainerize.

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