Importing exercise videos from YouTube into Trainerize

You can sync the exercise videos on your YouTube channel with your Trainerize account to use as custom exercises in your exercise library. 

Step 1: Connect your YouTube account 

Navigate to the "Addons" page in your Trainerize account and scroll down until you see the YouTube option. Click the option to "Connect your account"




Step 2: Import Your YouTube Videos

Once your YouTube account has been connected you can sync your YouTube videos to Trainerize by navigating to the "Addons" page, scrolling to the YouTube option, then clicking "Manage" > "Import YouTube Videos. 

Check the boxes beside the videos you would like to import from YouTube to Trainerize. You can also select what type of exercise you would like to import the videos as. For more information regarding exercise types, please see this article.  

Your exercises will now be viewable in your exercise library. Custom exercises you upload are viewable by you and your clients and are not viewable by other trainers using Trainerize.




Step 3: Make sure your YouTube videos are set to "Public" or "Unlisted"

By default, YouTube videos are set to "Public", meaning they are searchable and viewable by anyone on YouTube. If you want your clients to be able to view your exercises in Trainerize but not have them visible on your YouTube channel, make sure they are set to "Unlisted". 

To do this, navigate to your YouTube Creator Studio, click "Videos", then check the boxes beside the videos you would like to use in Trainerize but not be visible on your YouTube channel. Click "Edit", then "Visibility", and choose "Public" or "Unlisted".




Step 4: Make sure your videos are able to be embedded

Your YouTube videos must have the embeddable option turned on in order for them to be usable in Trainerize. To do this, navigate to your YouTube Creator Studio, click "Videos", then check the boxes beside the videos you would like to use in Trainerize. 

Click the "Edit" button, click "Embedding", then make sure the option is set to "On".





Are there any copyright issues when using YouTube videos (with or without music)?

Please note that using YouTube videos do not pose any copyright risk as YouTube already checks for copyright permissions when creating a video. If you are using someone else's exercise videos, as they are already public, it does not pose any copyright risk.


I'm having trouble with the videos not playing. What can I do?

If you are having issues with your YouTube Videos playing, please make sure the permissions on your youtube account are set to allow for embedding as shown in Step 4.

I get the Error Message, "This Video is Unavailable" after uploading.

Please ensure that:

a.) The YouTube link you've used is correct. You can always test this by pasting it into your browser bar in a new tab to test if the link is valid.

b.) The visibility of the video is set to "Public" or "Unlisted" on your YouTube Account as shown in Step 3. If you'd like to read more on how to change the visibility of your videos on Youtube, please visit the official YouTube Help Article on the subject here.



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