Entering Body Stats

You can schedule Body Stats reminders into a client's calendar so that your clients can record their measurements on any given date. They will receive an automated reminder to record their stats the day it's scheduled to do so.

To schedule a Body Stats reminder on your client's calendar

  • Login to your Trainerize web account
  • Open a specific client Profile (Clients > click the Open button next to the client's name)
  • Click on the "Calendar" 


  • Click on any date you wish to schedule a Body Stats reminder and a dialogue box appears 
  • Click on "Body Stats" to select this option
  • Click "Add" 


Your client will be sent a reminder on the day of the scheduled Body Stats. They can then go into their calendar (mobile app or web app) and click on the scheduled Body Stats reminder to enter their Body Stats. 

To enter Body Stats and measurements for your clients

  • While in an Open Profile of a specific client
  • Click on the "Calendar" tab 
  • Click on any Body Stat reminder scheduled into the calendar (Body Stats Reminders must be scheduled for them to appear)
  • Click on "Enter Stats" (green button) from the pop-up window to begin entering your client's Body Stats
  • When the Body Stats are entered click "Save" (top right)
  • Body Stats will be recorded for that date and will be viewable in the client's "Progress" page


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